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Ton van Beek

Sinds 2 a 3 jaar ruik ik vrij weinig meer. Ik ontdekte het tijdens het werken met Amonia. Het haakte in mijn keel maar ik rook niets. Is daar wat aan te doen ?

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Antwoord van My Acupuncture Practice / Mon cabinet d'acupuncture

Dear Ton,

I apologize but I only speak English or French, however I think I have understood your question. You seem to have lost your sense of smell for 2 or 3  years.

This can have many causes, and in order to determine what is the cause in your case, you will have to visit a chinese medicine practitioner, he or she will ask you lots of questions and analyse your symptoms to determine which treatment he is going to give you. I think it is worth consulting and not wait too long.

Best regards,
Karine K. Mundere

My Acupuncture Practice, Den Haag