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Over Klinic

We are both official registered TCM/Acupuncture therapists in the Netherlands with professional association NVTCG Zhong which leads to the acceptance by medical insurances with extra arrangement. We are qualified medical doctors in the registration of the Health Ministry of China. Dr. Wang and Dr. Chen both had more than 14 years working experience in hospitals before moved to the Netherlands in 2003.   

Dr. Chen has been a gynaecologist since 1991, she specialises at treating women's health issues such as hormonal disorders, infertility, IVF support, pre- and post- cancer treatment, sleep disorders, menopausal syndrome etc.  The combination of practise of Western medicine and Chinese medicine is an unique merit which adds a great value of her clinical practise both in China and in the Netherlands.  Dr. Chen has trained many university students and junior doctors from domestic and international in the Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.   

Dr. Wang, as a renowned TCM practitioner and professor in Europe, is good at stress management, stress related diseases such as Chronic Fatigue, sport injuries, improper lifestyle treatment, ageing prevention and treatment, IVF and infertility support, pre- and post- cancer treatment, children's disorders including overactivity, poor digestion, sleep disorders, weak body constitution etc. Dr. Wang becomes lifetime guest professor of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in 2017, he has been the president of Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NVTCG Zhong) since 2011, the dean of Shenzhou Open University of TCM (Amsterdam) from 2003. 

The Klinic, opens Mondays to Thursdays, located in Oude Waal 6hs, an quiet street in the heart of Amsterdam which takes a few minutes walk from Centraal Starion Amsterdam, or Metro station Nieuw Markt. If you come by car, you may always find a place from Parking Centrum Oosterdok.  Navigation address: Oosterdoksstraat 150   1011 DK Amsterdam. 

If you have any questions please send an email to info@klinic.nl or whatsapp to 06 3602 7088 (Dr. Wang), 06 1188 7191 (Dr. Chen). 



Dr. Lin Chen and Dr. Weixiang Wang

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Oude Waal 6HS 1011 BX Amsterdam
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