Acupunctuur Praktijk Almere

Willem Bontekoestraat 93 1335 NE Almere
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Over Acupunctuur Praktijk Almere

Hi, my name is Alice. I am an acupuncturist at Acupunctuur Praktijk Almere. This is the second practice next to De Eland Wellness House in Amsterdam. I have been running De Eland Wellness House since 2012 and earned very high good review over the the services. Both practice provides high quality of traditional Chinese body and foot Massage, cupping and guasha.

I started to practise Chinese acupuncture in the team of Acurelease Almere from July 2018 after I graduated from Shenzhou TCM Open University in Amsterdam. From March 2021 I could start working from home in Almere to provide you with the acupuncture and massage treatments and services.

I am a member of Zhong. Zhong is a Dutch organisation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The costs of my acupuncture treatments can be refunded by Dutch health insurance companies if you have the insurance policy covered for them.

Here is the list of service I provide to you both Almere Buiten:
Chinese Acupuncture
Cosmetic Acupuncture
Chinese Body Massage
Deep tissue/Sport Massage
Reflexology Foot & Hand Massage
Facial Massage / Guasha / Cupping
Body Cupping
Body Guasha
Pregnancy Massage
Chinese Massage Courses
Zhineng Qigong Practice